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Newsletter - 24 April 2020

This is the second newsletter since the lockdown caused by the pandemic. Hence instead of reporting the myriad of social events in the village, we are looking at what the village community is doing to stay safe and support each other.

We have made some changes to the website. There is a Covid-19 menu item on the Parish Council page where they report important support possibilities. This has been replicated on the community website. Also during this time, the Milborne Port magazine has been sent to us so that you can download it. We have also put an archive of these recent editions on a tab on the general menu so that you can quickly access the latest and previous editions.

In terms of news items, there is an extra report on food deliveries to support all that is on the Covid19 page.

We note from the report from the Friends of Milborne Port Library that virtual meetings and Facebook are helping them to keep up with activities. The Heritage group are actively promoting family history in the village.

The Climate action group are making comparisons relating to the pandemic and long term climate change action and the WI take time to review their history in the village and current status.

All of these in the backdrop of no organised physical get togethers as is noted by the continued closure of the village hall.

We note unsurprisingly that the South West in Bloom competition is cancelled this year. This is quite a pity as allotments and gardens are having much attention at the moment.

Finally, away from the pandemic, the Parish Council review their past achievements and future plans.

Finally and especially in these uncertain times, please check back with the website pages for updates through the month, not just at times of the newsletter. If you have anything to contribute, please do get in touch

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