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Newsletter – 26th March 2020

It will come as no surprise, that our newsletter this month has one main theme and that is the covid-19 pandemic which seems to be accelerating at pace according to the government chart. The Parish Council has published a great deal of information regarding government advice with links as well as local information. There may well be some duplication with information on the community site, but in these times, better that than not at all.

Council activities are severely curtailed, with no public meetings and minimal council activities managed by the clerk in consultation with the chairs of committees. This mode of operation has been authorised by the local government organisation.

It has not been possible to distribute the Milborne Port magazine paper copy, however, the editor has given us a digital copy which can be downloaded. Please do tell friends who do not visit the website, that it can be obtained this way.

There are articles from the WI, gardening club and friends of Milborne Port library, all of which reference the pandemic.

The village hall is closed and as a consequence we have taken the decision to remove the village hall calendar from the website. Other parts of the village diary are unlikely to be accurate, of course, and the re are some elements controlled externally.

Although church services are suspended at the moment, The Steps community church which has joined with a Sherborne Church has chosen a new name – ReBorne. Perhaps an apt title at this difficult time.

Keep looking back at the website during the month as we will post new information as it comes in. Please stay safe.

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