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Newsletter -26th January 2019

As we move into February with the nights starting to become lighter and thoughts maybe turning to spring, the signs of fresh shoots of activity in the village pervade this brief summary.

First a look back; many will be interested in the planning appeal recently conducted and we have a short report of this here to begin this newsletter.

The Parish Council have their usual brief report on the Parish Council website which mentions the work to save the library and this is expanded upon in the Friends of Milborne Port Library article.

The Sports and Social Club will be having their members party on 9th February and a bingo evening is planned for 28th.

Artslink report that they are continuing to run their popular “Art for Parents” session in the village hall on a Thursday morning, but their other venture, art for memory has moved to Sherborne.

The history and heritage group report on their upcoming activities and their next meeting is on 18th February at Church House. The WI also report on their recent and forthcoming activities including their next meeting on 14th February.

A few days before that, the next presentation in the Moviola series, “The Children Act”, with the incomparable EmmaThompson will be shown at the village hall on 15th February.

The Parish Council have placed a notice on this site about how it will decide on the use to which a donation from Canadian Solar will be used and are seeking ideas.

There are a couple of forward notices; the bellringers will be holding a peal attempt in early March, and the Spirit of Milborne Port announce plans and are seeking help for the fete this year. Milborne Port Opera are also looking to their performance of “Anything Goes” in April.

Other notices seeking help are the Royal British Legion, who’s local branch is seeking a new secretary, and the Primary School seeking a new Governor.

As ever, if you have some news of village events or would like to make comment, please get in touch.

Newsletter - 22nd December 2018

{Play}An “end of term” and “new beginnings” feel to the newsletter this month. Of course the Primary School has already broken up and will start again on 7th January. New beginnings also refers to the 2019 programmes being announced to several groups in the village which we will mention later.

{Play}As people make their final preparations for Christmas, we thought it worth mentioning a couple of the special services at our Parish Church. This coming Sunday there will be a carol service at 6pm and midnight mass at 11:30pm on Christmas eve.

After Christmas, we will all need to set to clearing up and the revised waste collection and opportunity for Christmas tree recycling are mentioned on the news page.

You may have already read in the “news from the council chamber” that the Parish Council is working with Friends of Milborne Port Library and Somerset County Council to see if a community library partnership, essentially funded by the village through Parish Council rates, is viable. The Friends consider this in their monthly news but also will be holding an extraordinary meeting on 2nd January.

The gardening club look to have a varied programme throughout the year, starting with a talk on garden design on January 8th. The WI have their first meeting on 10th January on travels in Vietnam as a part of their varied annual programme.

Not to be outdone, the History and Heritage group will hold their first meeting on 21st January at Church House. Spirit of Milborne Port will be following up their successful lights switch on and are already planning for next year’s fete.

We have mentioned before, an art for parents class which is taking place in the Village hall, and we have just heard that the school will be holding a taster session for that on 10th January at the school.

Moviola starts its new year programme with “Mamma Mia, here we go again” on 18th January at the village hall, whilst the village hall will play host to the public hearing of the planning appeal regarding a proposal to build over 50 houses on Station Road on January 22nd.

Of course many of the regular clubs will have taken a back seat as we run up to Christmas and new year, however, you can refresh your memory on these by looking at the diary. As ever, if we have missed anything, do get in touch.

Newsletter – 30th November 2018

As we approach the festive season, a round up of news from and events in the village. It does feel a little like “end of term” as we bring the year to a close. Talking of end of term, the Primary school will start its Christmas holidays after 21st December.

The website administration still struggles for support in managing the site; it you would like to help, please get in touch. Also many people forget the website as a channel of communication, so if you are sending articles to the Milborne Port Magazine, please do not forget us. We are grateful to Linda for keeping us abreast of things we may have missed. We also note that the magazine editor is looking for photographs of the village to adorn future magazines.

After a considerable amount of planning and a number of false starts, the Springfield Road car park (Village Hall) will be closed from 3rd December to allow car park safety lighting to be installed. Hopefully it will be open again in time for the last Moviola of the year, “The Happy Prince”.

There is a considerable amount of news from the Parish Council. In addition to their monthly “News from the Council Chamber”, there has been an election for a further Parish Council vacancy which has been filled by Austin Fletcher. Also on Council news, the District Council have approved the planning application for new houses on the junction of Wheathill lane and Springfield Road. The spirit of Christmas has affected the council office also as it will be closed from 21st December, reopening on 4th January.

The Friends of Milborne Port library discuss the future of the library and the WI prepare for Christmas.

There are articles from the History and Heritage group and Spirit of Milborne Port as well as one from Robin Bawtree. These discuss a variety of matters, but all mention the recent armistice commemoration.

Other articles and diary entries mention Art classes organised by Artslink, supporting carers of young children and those experiencing memory loss.

Finally, the Sports and Social Club will have live music on 21st of the month

Please browse the website articles and diary for anything that is there which we have not caught in this brief review. As ever, there is much going on in our village.

Newsletter 30th October 2018

Quite a body of news to report this month and in the first period, much of it connected with remembrance. On 6th November, the final “half muffled” ring to commemorate the death of William Merritt. Then on the morning of armistice day, the bells will ring similarly and then following the remembrance service, will sound in full for a period. If you visit the Church, there will be a display of knitted poppies inside the Church. You will also be able to view the war memorial, newly cleaned in time for the armistice commemoration.

On the morning of Saturday 10th and the afternoon of 11th November, the Heritage group will have an exhibit in the Town Hall, looking back at the village at the time of the Great War.

As well as the formal minutes, the “News from the Council Chamber” article reports on some key issues. The vacancy on the Parish Council has been filled by a by-election (uncontested, so no actual vote), however, there is now a further vacancy reported here.

The Co-op will host a consultation session in the Council Chamber on the 8th November about their plans for a new store in the village.

The Friends of Milborne Port Library ruminate about the ongoing struggle to keep the library open and the WI give us their news about their recent light hearted meeting.

We have heard about an interesting series of talks at Church House, entitled “Facing the Past”, looking at the role of facial reconstruction in archaeology.

During the final weekend of the month, there is much activity in the village beginning with the Christmas lights switch on during Friday evening. This is followed by the latest Moviola showing at the Village hall.

The village hall is again the centre of attention on Saturday with a Christmas Fayre in the afternoon and a quiz night with fish and chip supper in the evening.

If we have missed significant news, please do get in touch here.

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