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Newsletter - 30th May 2019

This month sees the annual summer fete and Party @ the Port at the Springfield Road recreation ground this coming Saturday June 1st. As usual this is organised by the Spirit of Milborne Port, who are aiming to make it better than ever.

If you are looking for some quieter entertainment, on the 7th June there will be one of a series of organ recitals at the organ museum on Chapel Lane, and on 15th June there will be a concert at St. John’s Church.

Last month saw the annual meeting of the Parish Council at which, following elections, the new council was installed. You can read about the make up of the council in their “News from the Council chamber” series of articles. We notice that the Council have placed “gates”, at each of the main entrances to the village which are intended to help moderate traffic speeds as does the recently commissioned SID (speed indicating device) which will be rotated around the same three entrances.

The Church will be holding a Safari supper at Church House on 8th June with proceeds in support of the Church.

The History and Heritage group continue with their talks and walks and this month, the talk will be on “Gerald Daniels legacy” on 17th of the month. They will also be conducting their monthly short summer evening walks again this year.

Outside the village we have also heard of a garden open for viewing on 16th.

The Primary School reports on its excitement and the start of the build of the new classroom, scheduled to be ready in the autumn.

More summer news from the WI who are planning their outing on 27th of the month.

The library will soon move to its temporary location at the East Street car park and they are celebrating the 30 years of it being housed at Cross Cottage with an open morning on 28th of the month. In their monthly letter, the Friends of Milborne Port Library also talk about a range of events including the children’s summer reading challenge.

There is of course much more going on in our village as a browse of the on line diary will show. If we have missed anything that you think should be reported now or in the future, please do get in touch.

Newsletter April 27th, 2019

On May 2nd, there will be elections for the District and Parish Councils, with the Camelot room acting as polling station. For the Parish Council there are 19 candidates for the 13 places. There will be an informal meeting with candidates at 7pm at the Tippling Philosopher this coming Tuesday 30th April.

Several councillors turned up at the spring litter pick a couple of Saturdays ago, and with over 30 people “picking”, many bags of rubbish were harvested, and several reported that there seemed to be less litter in the village than historically has been the case, though the outskirts did not fair so well. It is a good start, anyway for the South West in Bloom campaign which the village is entering again this year. Thinking of plants, the gardening club will be holding their spring plant sale on 18th May outside the Town Hall.

The East Street Car Park has new residents in the form of two, 22kW electric vehicle charging points which went live earlier in April.

The monthly series of Organ Recitals will continue on 3rd May at the English Organ School.

The WI will hold their next meeting on 9th May and they also report on their AGM, whilst the Friends of Milborne Port Library report on their continuing activities to ensure that we still have a library after the reduction of support from the County Council.

The Primary School are seeking an additional Governor to fill a vacancy at an exciting time in the history of the school as it is about to gain an additional classroom.

The Sports and Social Club will be holding events toward the end of May including live music on 24th and bingo on 30th of the month.

We could not close this newsletter without mentioning the summer fete and party at the port which will take place very early this year on 1st June.

Of course there are many more things going on in our village as a look at the diary pages will show.

Newsletter – 31st March 2019

After a cold and wet start to March, in the closing days of the month, spring appears, at least temporarily, to have sprung. On the topic of weather, we are aware that the weather display on the home page of the website has failed and are searching for a solution to this.

The Parish Council, in addition to its normal news from the council chamber, has been advertising the fact that there will be an election on 2nd May. Nomination forms can be found here and the last day for nominations to be submitted to the District Council office in Yeovil is Tuesday 3rd April.

As well as the normal Parish Council meetings during the month, there will be the annual Parish meeting on 9th April at the Town Hall.

The Social club have a number of live music events through the month on 6th and 13th, and of course the big live music show this month is the Milborne Port Opera production of “Anything Goes” from 24-27 of the month.

Also at the Village Hall this month will be the screening of the film “Peterloo” on 12th April. This film by Mike Leigh about the infamous 19th century massacre cannot be ignored in today’s world.

Sadly, another event at the village hall, art for parents has had to be cancelled due to lack of support.

The Spring litter pick will take place on 13th April. If you want to take part, please e-mail the council chairman, John Oldham at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

There are, of course, the usual updates and activities for groups such as Spirit of Milborne Port, the History and Heritage group, the Friends of Milborne Port Library and the WI.

Henstridge Parish Council have advised that they are holding an information evening event on staying safe online. Have a look here for details.

Of course, we are now in the period of Lent, and the Church will be holding their Lent lunches and seminars on Lent during this period.

Of course there are many other regular events going on; please check the diary for more. If you see anything missing or incorrect, please get in touch.

Finally, in case the grapevine has not reached you yet, the planning appeal for housing development at Station Road has been dismissed.

Newsletter - 25th February 2019

Being a short month, February has raced to its close almost before the dust has settled on the February newsletter, but here is a summary of what we have learned about village life in March and beyond.

To kick off, Church House will be holding its AGM on 4th March, and it will be home to the Lent lunches from 13th of the month and a supper and Lent course during the period of Lent. In addition, of course there will be the normal Church House activities of Pilates, brownies, toddlers and the like, not forgetting the ever popular Tuesday Luncheon Club.

The gardening club report on an increase in membership and detail some of their events for 2019 including a members only private shopping trip to Castle Gardens on March 12.

Meanwhile, the WI celebrated Valentine’s day with a fun evening and are looking forward to their annual dinner at Church house on March 14th.

A day after, on March 15th will see the Moviola screening of the Oscar winning “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Visual and musical entertainment is not limited, however, to Moviola as on 8th March, the sports and social club will host “The Badger Boys”, the first of a number of events in March.

If classical works are more to your taste then earlier in the day on March 8th, there will be one of the series of Organ recitals at the English Organ School, given by Margaret Phillips. Later in the month (22nd), the school will play host to the well known viol consort, Fretwork.

On the business side of the village, the Parish Council have their “News from the Council Chamber” and are also wishing to promote interest in the upcoming Parish and District Council elections in May. Elections were last held in 2015, though for the Parish Council, there was no ballot as too few candidates stood, and the Parish Council are hoping for greater interest this year.

Looking further ahead, April will see this year’s performances by Milborne Port opera of “Anything Goes” and there will be the spring litter pick and the Annual Parish meeting at the Town Hall.

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